On April 25th, 2019 in Gdansk, investors, experienced with cross-border investments joined us at our first event. During the day-long event, they helped us with working out the best practices regarding the funding of startups in different countries.

We recognized the factors stopping them, as well as those encouraging them to make cross-border investments. We identified what they see as barriers to cooperation, what can be done to reduce them, and how the development of Digital Securities can make ecosystem integration easier.

The investors presented their most significant challenges and shared their observations. We have compiled a report based on the knowledge gathered during this event that is currently the base for further work on building an integrated ecosystem of various startup hubs.

Watch videos from the previous edition

Interview with
Marc Wesselink,
Co-Founder, VentureRock

Interview with
Marek Zmysłowski
Frontier & Emerging Markets Business Expert

Interview with
Maciej Gajewski
Founder, FoundedByMe

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Speakers and Guests

Marc Wesselink


Bartosz Lipnicki


Matt Kurleto


Marek Zmysłowski

Jumia Travel

Jan Wyrwiński


Jakub Domeracki

SpeedUp Energy Innovation Fund

Maciej Gajewski


Filip Bloch


Tomasz Szymczak


Janusz Lewandowski

European Parliament

Agnieszka Cichocka


Michał Szaraniec



Danish Soomro


Yaroslav Yaroslavskiy


Vahagn Grigoryan


Sylwia Harewska

Hey Home

Ammar Akhtar


Marco Bacchilega Bakuun

Isidoros Sideridis


Aivar Laan


Sebastian Cazajus


Tomasz Wojtkiewicz



"This type of conference is supposed to match people with money to people who have time or ideas, so both startups and VCs should come. I like the whole concept of the conference focusing on that bridge between Poland and Northern and Western Europe. I think in new Europe, for investment purposes, there's a lot of money that is looking at the region."

Marek Zmysłowski Business Expert, Advisor

"Startup Hansa is about connecting different ecosystems. I think engineers from Gdańsk are really good at developing an agile product roadmap and connecting it with the business sense from other teams. I think we need to find a better combination of people who are connecting businesses worldwide and business markets with product development."

Marc Wesselink,

Co-Founder at Venture Rock

"Startup Hansa is a very interesting event and an amazing opportunity for startups and VC's to establish a connection. When I was there last time I really felt a special atmosphere and it was impressive to see how the people in the room were involved during the startups' pitch. Can't wait for the next event..."

Marco Bacchilega

Founder and CEO at Bakuun


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