Building tech in Gdansk, operations in Amsterdam, and sales in the USA. By using the fastest growing seed market that Poland has, and having access to Series A VCs in Amsterdam, Stockholm or Phoenix, startups will finally have access to the full ecosystem.

Thanks to that, they will be able to outcompete companies from leading tech hubs. We believe that the free flow of capital, data, and talent is essential to success. That’s why we would like to work out the best practices and build a platform that allows exchanging data among hubs under Startup Hansa.

How it works

On April 25th, 2019 in Gdansk, investors, experienced with cross-border investments joined us at our first event. During the day-long event, they helped us with working out the best practices regarding the funding of startups in different countries.

We identified what they see as barriers to cooperation, what can be done to reduce them, and how the development of Digital Securities can make ecosystem integration easier.

We have compiled the knowledge gathered during this event and issued the report that is the base for further work on building an integrated ecosystem of various startup hubs.

First edition

Join us!

You will learn about the challenges, cases, and opportunities of leveraging digital securities in the process of investing and managing a portfolio.

You will learn about the challenges, cases and opportunities of cross-border startup funding from world-class VC partners that already invested abroad.

You will meet key players in Gdansk startup ecosystem including VC partners, startup founders, accelerators, co-work managers, and community builders

"Startup Hubs 2019"


We created this report to show that emerging ecosystems in key business and technology hubs have different strengths and weaknesses, and show how we can integrate them to bring sustainability.


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