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Join us on a mission of building a sustainable startup ecosystem across the globe

Startup Hansa Network

The mission of Startup Hansa is to connect Central European Cities to the major business and technology hubs around the world to create a sustainable startup ecosystem.

Inspired by the Hanseatic League, we aim to build a tight network of cooperating startup cities across the globe, that will enable and incentivise a free flow of capital, talent and data, so startups can take advantage of every city's strengths and committing to faster growth of all.

We believe that by enabling the free flow of data, capital, and talent, we can repeat the success of Hansa and provide a full-lifecycle ecosystem for sustainable growth.

We are looking forward to your input in finding the best practices in overcoming challenges and helping the startups and investors from Startup Hansa to make win-win deals. We would love to invite you to join us both at the event, and in the entire project.

What is Startup Hansa?

Bas Beekman


Paolo Petrolini


Diana Koziarska

SMOK Ventures

Matt Kurleto


Jan Wyrwiński


Hendrik Halbe

Unknown Group

Maciej Gajewski


Filip Bloch


Agnieszka Cichocka

Gdansk Business Incubator STARTER

Norbert Herrmann

Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises

Dr. Marcus Erken

Sunfish Partners

Pär Hedberg


2019 Speakers

Danish Soomro

Ammar Akhtan

Laura Moczarska


David Fernandez


Johannes Matthias

Alpha Beta

Paweł Urbański

Marc Wesselink


Artur Fjodorov

Marek Zmysłowski

Jumia Travel

Bartosz Lipnicki


Jack Vincent

S.C.O.R.E© Selling Method

Janusz Lewandowski

European Parliament

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"Startup Hubs 2019"


We created this report to show that emerging ecosystems in key business and technology hubs have different strengths and weaknesses, and show how we can integrate them to bring sustainability.


"This type of conference is supposed to match people with money to people who have time or ideas, so both startups and VCs should come. I like the whole concept of the conference focusing on that bridge between Poland and Northern and Western Europe. I think in new Europe, for investment purposes, there's a lot of money that is looking at the region."

Marek Zmysłowski Business Expert, Advisor

"Startup Hansa is about connecting different ecosystems. I think engineers from Gdańsk are really good at developing an agile product roadmap and connecting it with the business sense from other teams. I think we need to find a better combination of people who are connecting businesses worldwide and business markets with product development."

Marc Wesselink,

Co-Founder at Venture Rock

"Startup Hansa is a very interesting event and an amazing opportunity for startups and VC's to establish a connection. When I was there last time I really felt a special atmosphere and it was impressive to see how the people in the room were involved during the startups' pitch. Can't wait for the next event..."

Marco Bacchilega

Founder and CEO at Bakuun


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